Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Never Boring life of a bulletin board.

As much as I am attached to my wi-fi gadgets (what other word can we use to describe them?) I still keep written journals, I still write letters with paper and I still send postcards out every week. 

So you won't be surprised that I also have a mini bulletin board by the door.As I was thinking of some NO SEW projects for some of you who have not ventured into that area YET. I am still holding hope for you that you will become a sewer someday. That I will design something that will have you saying.
"Today is the day" ..... 

In the meantime, here is an assortment of Bulletin boards that require 
the following:

My very favourite custom frame, YOU ONLY NEED ONE
mine is  10" x 17 1/2 "
( either custom or search for online or antique sales) 
I had a few custom made cost approx $30.00)

I chose this size as it perfect horizontally and vertically
and takes us little space on a counter or wall.

I change mine each season, hence a variety below.
( these were made new for this post) 
So your initial investment of a custom size is actually worth it.

You will need 2 pieces of fabric, 
You want  this size 14 "x 22"  (you want enough to fold and tuck in the back)
the other piece will depend if you want a slim pocket or a deep pocket.
I have two sizes for that:

For the horizontal
3 inch wide pocket - as you will not be sewing this -only
folding it in half -you will need
6 " x 22 "

If you are doing one 
for the Vertical one- ( again paying attention to our no sew peeps)

12" x 14" ( as you will be folding this in half so you will have a 7 inch pocket) 

Some small straight pins,  ( dressmaker pins) 
I like the 1 inch pins as you can angle them well into the
styrofoam and it keeps the fabric tight.

and you can make numerous bulletin boards.  
Thumb tacks to mount your buttons on. 

A piece of brown kraft paper or freezer paper as your dust cover
for the back,

Some carpenters glue and a saw tooth picture framer hardware.

Here is one I made for a special lady who loves beach scenes.
I have had this fabric for years, perfect for her most desired time of  the year.

This is my Halloween one, I chose many assorted 
seasonal buttons, candy corns, monsters, dragons, witches

This is in my studio, besides yellow gingham, buffalo plaid is up
there as one of my favourite patterns and RBD carries a lot of it. 
I added school theme buttons and some coffee and cookies

 Shelly has many beach buttons, so I made a lot of push pins
wth the bikinis and glasses and you just got to have some pesky flying
insects....Glad they don't have mosquitoe buttons..lol

Tea time, love this fabric, this is where fabric panels can be a nice addition
to your NEVER BORING Bulletin boards. This was sent to me years ago
seemed befitting for a summer kitchen. Tea theme buttons were a perfect

Some steps on how to put together your Bulletin Board.

As Fall is slipping in slowly into our summer, a gentle reminder
to treasure each and every moment. 

Like gingham, dots are a classic, added florals and cat buttons
into thumb tacks here....

How can we do better?

Is there something you would like to see?

YOU Matter.
till next Wed.


  1. Love, love the bulletin board ideas. So simply but so cute with all the buttons. Glad you wrote about your yellow gingham, and it is still there at your place!

  2. Hello Karen, I wish I had enough gall to show you what they looked liked before I decided to place them in a frame They were pretty bad....putting them into a frame just pulls it togehter so much easier, in fact any size frame would work, I just prefer this size as I can place it more areas. So what are you going to make, what is your fav pattern for fabric?
    And yes Yellow Gingham will always be part of my life, my sewing studio got revamped last year with custom cabinets, so it is sleek now, those gingham walls are here to stay. wink....mdm samm