The Winners from our "What Can You Create Using Our Buttons?!?" contest:

1st Place with 263 votes goes to Audra and her Wonderful Wine Glass Charms!

The First Runner Up with 245 votes goes to Erika and her Ideal ID Badges!

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you all for participating!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What Do You Create Using Our Buttons?!?

Contestant #16: Wonderful Wine Glass Charms

By: Audra

These wonderful wine glass charms were created using buttons from our website! Audra has taken her time to create stunning wine glass charms for just about any occasion. Whether its during the holidays, or just a night with friends, these wine glass charms would be the perfect addition to any wine glass!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

What Do You Create Using Our Buttons?!?

Contestant #15: Crocheted Cotton Towel Holders

By: Kim

 These crocheted cotton towel holders are all embellished with buttons from our website! Kim is very talented and she makes beautiful towel holders. These could be used as seasonal towel holders, or year round ones! She has a business called Princess Bunny Creations! She also embroiders 100% cotton towels to match the design of the towel holder. She uses unique buttons and embellishments to beautifully decorate the holders!

What Do You Create Using Our Buttons?!?

Contestant #14: Adorable Earrings and Pins

By: Julia

These adorable earrings and pins are all made using buttons and embellishments from our website! As you can see, Julia has a lovely collection of earrings and pins that she makes using many different buttons! You could find almost anything that you like within her collection. The earrings and pins would be great for any occasion!

What Do You Create Using Our Buttons?!?

Contestant #13: Heartwarming Christmas Ornaments

By: Elizabeth

These heartwarming Christmas ornaments were made using buttons from out website! A little message from the creator to go along with her creations...
While growing up, as one of seven children, money was often tight.   So my dad began making Christmas ornaments as a way to save some money on gifts.  Using a scroll saw, thin wood, paint, and jewels, he made us ornaments.  It is now a huge part of our Christmas celebration.  We don't care about the presents.  We all want to see our ornaments!  Today, we are older and have families of our own.  Our significant others and our children now receive ornaments, as well as important family friends.  The list of ornament recipients has grown to well over 100 people  - and almost everybody receives more than 1.  A few years ago, I began helping my father with the ornaments.  Making 200, sometimes 300+, ornaments has become too much work for him on his own.  He designed them, and I would help paint them.   Every weekend, from March until December, is ornament time.  It is very time consuming and exhausting.   My dad eventually got tired of doing them, so I have taken over completely.  However, I cannot draw!  So the ornaments have changed a lot, but at least the tradition continues!  I use photographs, clip art, scrapbook paper, and tons of embellishments.  Stickers are often cheaper, but buttons and flatbacks add a lot more fun to the ornaments.  I am always on the lookout for anything that can jazz up an ornament!  I hope to continue making ornaments for my loved ones for as long as I can.  And I have already warned my daughter that she will eventually take over! 

What Do You Create Using Our Buttons?!?

Contestant #12: Pretty Personalized Photo Frames

By: Sam

These very pretty personalized photo frames were created using buttons from our website! Sam did an amazing job creating themed photo frames that would be perfect for any occasion! She has a small home business called Frame Your Life and she says that Shelly's Buttons has the variety of buttons that she needs to be able to give her customers a great diversity in different themed frames! You can visit her Facebook page at to see more of her creations! 

What Do You Create Using Our Buttons?!?

Contestant #11: Magnificent Magnets & Brooches 

By: Bon Vivant, Carrie!

These magnificent magnets and beautiful brooches were made using buttons from our website! Carrie is a big fan of Shelly's Buttons and she enjoys creating lots of fun and cute works. She does a fantastic job of creating everything that she does! These magnets and brooches would be an incredible addition to almost anything!

What Do You Create Using Our Buttons?!?

Contestant #10: Breathtaking Baby Hats

By: Lori

These breathtaking baby hats were embellished with buttons from our website! Lori took her time to crochet a flower and then embellish it with adorable flower buttons to "give it a little more class"! You can visit her website at !!!