Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Missy Bibs ( for the wee buglet girls)

Whenever I think of girl buglets ( babies) I always think of Peter Pan collars. I know they are still around -Carters baby clothes designers have been using Peter Pan collars on so many of their outfits for decades. It is one of those fashion statements that never seem to disapear, like Gingham they are Classic.

By the way Carters has been around since 1865. Now I have not been around that long, but I can tell you
my GrandMere ( GrandMumm) used to make me pleated skirts and I always had Peter Pan collar blouses
and went I went off to school my uniforms were always black or grey and all of my blouses had Peter Pan Collars. so I would have to say I have an affinity for them. 

Now for a Chrismas Theme Missy Bib, Riley Blake Designs came up with this gorgrous print with 
very cute DEERS on them and what do you know Shell had some very cute Deer Buttons as well as many Christmas Buttons to choose from. 

And really, how can I make a Missy Bib and not include something Gingham. Again Riley Blake Designs has delicous colors and this one is flannel. All these bibs Master and Missy's 
have flannel backs and all of Missy Bibs has Gingham Peter Pan Collars, Complete with some Floral Buttons from Shellys Flower Collection

How can we forget Halloween, although this year at least around here, for the first time ever, we won't be seeing our wee buglets trick or treating...Some Traditions are just so hard to let go. 

Missy's Halloween Bib is complete with Witches Legs, so darn cute, another lovely collections from Riley Blake Designs and complete with some Halloween buttons

And I made this Scalloped Bib, but it was not suited for a newborn but thought I would include her anyway...

The sunflower buttons seemed the perfect fit too
with this pretty yellow gingham fabric.

All of Shellys buttons can be seen here. Pinterest has everything

Because you matter.

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