Friday, January 3, 2014

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...!!!

I know that we have customers all around the world, and some of you are used to the snow coming down four to five inches at a time. But where we're located, snow is exciting! The kids are off school, people of all ages are sledding right in front of my house! The snow brings excitement to the air! I think it's a fantastic way to start off the New Year!
There's just a little preview of our backyard, and as you can see, the snow really came down last night!
So being that we're all stuck inside today with nowhere to go, I think that making crafts all day sounds like a perfect idea!
Lets take a look at some crafts that we could make today....
Look how cute the snowflakes are! This is an easy snowflake/popsicle craft that would be easy, yet very cute! Just use some E6000 glue to glue the popsicles sticks together, and then you can glue your favorite Shelly's Buttons and More buttons onto the popsicle sticks! To make the snowflakes, you could use packages such as Heirloom or any of the packages from our Snowflake Collection!
Another fun craft that would be easy to make would be Thank You cards for all of your Christmas Gifts! Here are some cute ideas....
In this particular card, you can use buttons from any of the Color Me.. button packages. You could use the package Carrot Noses for the nose, and a package such as Micro Mini Round Black for the eyes! Let your imagination run wild and include all different products from the Christmas Collection
In the picture shown above, you could also use buttons from the Color Me Collection, as well as bows from the package Christmas Bows!
There are just a few ideas for what you can make on this boring snow day. Feel free to send your creations to for a chance for them to be featured here on the blog, in the newsletter, or on our actual website!!!

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