Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Customer Creations: Let's take a look at one of the many creations of Madame Samm !

This creation is compliments of Madame Samm and her Sew We Quilt Blog.

Do you want to learn how to make a button pin for sewing? Keep reading to find out how!

Our very talented and creative Madame Samm creates button pins. The best part? She uses your favorite Shelly's Buttons and More buttons!
Feel free to check out her blog here.
After reading a little on her blog, I've found that Buttons Pins can be very expensive, but with her creativity, she's discovered an inexpensive and easy way to make them!
First you need a very special glue. Nothing will work better than the one and only E6000 glue found right on our website
This glue has proved to be very reliable, but it does have a strong odor, so I prefer using it outside!
The next thing you need is 1 7/8 inch PINS which seem to be a little hard to find. But if you go to Wardrobe Supplies,they have them right on their website!
Oh, and just so you know, all of these lovely pictures are compliments of  her blog. 

Next, you have your choice to use any type of button that you want from right here from our website! We have over one thousand different theme packs, so have fun choosing!

One last thing that you may want to use to make your buttons pins is our Button Shank Remover
This will allow you to easily remove the shank from the buttons.

Now that you have all of your supplies, making the BUTTON PIN itself is very easy. All you need to do is choose the button that you want, remove the shank, put a very little bit of E6000 glue on the back side, add your pin and
BAM you're all done!
Here is one of her creations that is my favorite...
...and this one is perfect for Christmas....
As you can see, she is VERY creative. Can you be as creative as her? 

Comment below with some of your creative creations!
 Who knows... maybe one day your creations will end up right here on our blog which is seen by hundreds of people everyday!!!

Comment below with your name, title of your creation, and even a link to where we can see it!

If you have not made your creation yet, comment with a few ideas that you may have! Maybe one day we'll have Macy's Craft Corner make us another video showing us how to make YOUR creation!


  1. I read Madame Samm's blog and ordered the glue and some buttons from you. I can't wait to make them for my quilty BFF's this Christmas to go with the zakka pincushions I'm making them too. Thanks for the tutorial reminder.

  2. Hi and thank you for your comment. Stay tuned!! We are about to BLOG a FREE pin cushion pattern that everyone is asking for. And if you have any additional suggestions or comment PLEASE LET US KNOW !!