Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dress It Up Specials

June 4-12, 2011 !!  Great selections at GREAT prices.  Why not try them all?

 Save 10% OFF your order of $10.00 or more by using discount code S-TEN during checkout.
Offer valid for retail purchases only.  Wholesale orders do not apply.  Previously placed orders do not apply.  Already reduced price sale items do not apply.

All American 
Flatback Pieces

My Favorites !!

In my opinion, these packages are beautiful. The color combination of each package is breathtaking and the quality can not be matched.  The packages are designed with pearl finish detailed sew thru buttons and 3 beaded, color cordinated flatback pieces. The package pictures do not show the true beauty of these pieces.  Customers that have already purchased these packages have written us countless emails telling us how pleased they are with these restyled packages.

Thank you for your time !!!

- Shelly

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